We design, coordinate and deliver products for active lifestyle events.

Our unique process,  expertise and niche brands will save you time and money. 

Our results create lasting partnerships.

Quality, delivery and price are always guaranteed.

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Custom Graphic on Tee Shirts, Medals, Swim Caps, Race Bibs, Race Signage & more

Ricky Brands provides the single best vendor solution for non-profits, race directors and sponsors of triathlon, running and active lifestyle events.

  • 9 million products successfully delivered in the last five years
  • Award winning graphics department
  • Creation and adaptation of graphics over multiple product lines
  • Accelerated production and delivery timelines standard
  • Staff dedicated to the tracking and delivery of packages

This, combined with our St. Louis based customer service, is the partnership that will give you a unique advantage over your competitors and is what separates us from ours.  Daily, we design, coordinate and deliver products in a process that saves our clients time and money.

Learn how our customized process reduces the inherent conflict of spending money to raise money.

Begin the journey today and start a partnership that produces the results you want.

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Over the years we have saved clients hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Non Profit Shirts Savings of $15,000 / yr
  • Triathlon Series Medals Savings of $600 / event
  • Savings on Combo Packages combining Shirt, Medal, BIb $500 / event

25+ Years Experience

25+ Years FedEx & UPS Relationships

23+ Year-old Customer Relationships & Partnerships

20+ Years International Importing Experience


We create, coordinate and deliver quality products on time and on budget.  We are the only niche vendor with a history of proven results:

  • OEM production capabilities in the United States and overseas
  • Product manufacturing and product design
  • Multiple patents and co-inventor with Fortune 500 companies
  • Products placed in movies and high profile events

Hi, I'm Richard.

In 1993 I started my manufacturing and print decorating company.  Our primary products at that time were our full line of patented cycling / sports bottles and a custom 32oz bottle carrier.

The uniqueness of our product designs and their functionality enabled us to file and receive multiple patents.  Our success enabled us to partner with PepsiCo, where we were co-inventor on product we designed and produced exclusively for them.  This partnership was the precursor to the PepsiCo acquisition of Gatorade.  The success of this program had our products placed globally and in movies.  In fact, if you have seen On Any Given Sunday, our custom 32oz bottle and carrier were used on the sidelines and can be seen during the football games.

As wildly successful as the partnership with PepsiCo., our most recognizable and copied product is our 21oz wide mouth bottle.  This design still sets the standard in the bike and sporting goods industry.

Why share this?  Because it is important to show how and why we bring an expertise that separates us from our competitors.  A history that enables us to provide you a unique advantage and shows how we continue to successfully produce and deliver millions of products to thousands of customers.

We create partnerships that go beyond order taking.  Products are simply the end result of knowing what you need and ensuring that it is delivered on time.

Products come and go but our partnerships last.

Try a better way.

Thank you.

-Richard Spencer